Army Collar Tabs- from top ledt to bottom right.

Pioneer- black piping. $75        

Reconnaissance- orange piping. $125        

Infantry- white piping. $66

Panzer- Pink piping. $150          

Infantry- white piping. $70            

Smoke Troop- burgundy piping. $150

Transmition- Lemon Yellow Piping. $71                

 Infantry- white piping. $66

NSBO Flag Pole- brass silvered, very heavy, and is not damaged. Comes with part of the flag and is rare.


NSDAP Small Flag Pole- brass silvered and is heavy.


DAF Flag Pole- heavy brass silvered, maker marked RZM M3/27.


NSKOV Heavy Flag Pole- maker marked by Ottogahr, very heavy flag pole.


Veteran Organization Geramn World War 2 Flag Pole- heavy brass material.


D.A.F. Teno Worker Plaque- silver finish, original black wood frame, superb condition, triangular wall mount in the back.


SA Pennant- double sided, RZM paper tag, metal hooks in corners, and in mint condition. Great decoration to put with an SA dagger, tinnies, badges, and more.


RLB Door Plaque- aluminum and in good condition.


Beautiful Pewter Beer Stein with Bayern front shield. This Stein has never been cleaned World War 1.

$ 310

Hitler Youth Medium Size Poster.

$ 350

Cuff Titles very nice condition, each of them is $ 91.

$ 91 EACH

RAD Sleeve Insignia. In mint condition and is BEVO type.

$ 31

Kriegsmarine Sports Shirt Eagle. Blue eagle and is untrimmed.

$ 42

Sports Shirt Police Eagle. This is very hard to find and is untrimmed.

$ 116

NSDAP Sports Shirt Eagle. It's untrimmed, very nice condition, and is rare.

$ 68

RAD Sports Shirt Insignia. Untrimmed and in very nice condition.

$ 69

Army Eagle Sports Shirt. Near mint condition and untrimmed.