Tropical Panzer Overseas Cap- red lining, maker marked by Hans Brandt, mint condition with nice pink piping. 


Customs NCO/Enlisted Visor Cap- maker marked by Schelenburg, sweatband shows some wear, but overall nice cap.


RAD M43 Cap- maker marked on the liner, HBT material, very nice condition.


Army NCO/Enlisted Infantry Visor Cap- in near mint condition, size 57, 1935 dated, maker marked in the sweatband Christian Schweitzer, unit marked also, silver front insignia.


Army NCO/Enlisted Artillery Visor Cap- private purchase, near mint condition, maker mark on the sweatband, complete liner and sweatband, silver front insignia. 


Army NCO/Enlisted Signals Visor Cap- lemon yellow piping, maker marked in the sweatband by Wagner, 1939 dated, rare hat.


Fire Police Officer Visor Cap- in mint condition, owner's name inside, and maker marked. Super high quality cap with red and silver chinstrap.


War Veterans Organization Member Visor Cap-

Luftwaffe NCO/Enlisted Signals Visor Cap- brown piping, maker marked inside the cap, and is in great condition.


War Veterans Organization Member Visor Cap With Edelweiss- with edelweiss insignia on the side, sweat band had H.J. marked on it, and cap is in nice condition.

Luftwaffe NCO/Enlisted Signals Visor Cap- brown piping, cap does shows some age, dated 1938, and is in good condition.


SS General Visor Cap- this is a remarkable piece acquired from a veteran. Death head is missing, cap shows light age, and is a super display.


Hermann Goring NCO/Enlisted Visor Cap- White piping, 1937 dated and marked Hoffman in Berlin. Marked in the sweatband 2nd regiment General  Goring. Mint condition.


Customs NCO/Enlisted Visor Cap- by Carl Isken, hat in great condition, hard to find. 


Luftwaffe NCO/Enlisted Fire Police Visor Cap- marked inside, Deutsche Wertarbeit, cap in near mint condition. 


Luftwaffe NCO/Enlisted Artillery Visor Cap- red piping, maker marked inside the liner, unit marked in the sweatband, early pre-war hat.


Soldatenbundes Visor Cap- well marked in the liner with silver letters, sweatband shows light age, white piping.


Soldatenbundes Visor Cap- red piping, rare hat, in superb condition, maker marked inside. 


War Administration Inspector Officer Visor Cap- shows light wear but not bad, this is a very rare cap usually only found in a big collection.


SS NCO/Enlisted Panzer Visor Cap- by Schellenberg. Nice pink piping, this cap is in mint condition, and is extremely rare.


SS NCO/Enlisted Pioneer Visor Cap- black piping, untouched and in pristine condition. Deutsches Reichpatent marked inside. Regular issue type. Very scare...


Army Pioneer NCO/Enlisted Visor Cap, maker marked by Toufol Sohn, dated 1938 in the sweat band, also owners name with unit number, black piping, and nice condition. 


D-18. Rail Road DAF Leader Visor Cap, visor cap in mint condition, maker marked Deutches Leder / Albert Kempf, gold and blue chin strap.


Veteran Visor Cap- in great condition with gold and blue chinstrap, Nazi veteran association and swastika stitched on band. O M on sweatband for the veterans initials. Unique cap.