Forestry daggers

11-Forestry Dagger- Early hunting dagger double engraved blade, 16 inch long by Mohr and Speyer in Berlin, this is an old blade, one acorn on top of the pommel, brass fittings guilded, stag grip with acorn, nice leather scabbard. Skinning knife is missing.


10-Forestry Dagger- Early hunting dagger, W.K.C style, with clam shell guard, 19 inch long blade engraved, shows some age, black leather scabbard, stag grip, one acorn on the pummel, green knot.


9-Forestry Dagger- Hunting knife, double engraved blade 14 inch long, marked “Z” for Clemen and Jung, brass fittings, stag grip, clam shell guard, three acorns on the stag grip, comes with knot, black leather scabbard in perfect condition, very nice overall.


7-Forestry Dagger- National Forestry Hunting Dagger by W.K.C. With stag grip, early W.K.C engraved blade 13 inch long. Heavy bronze fittings, three acorns and oak leaves on the stag grips, leather hanger and knot. 


5-Forestry Dagger- Senior Forestry Dagger, double engraved blade, 13 inch long by Carl Eickhorn, heavy gold fitting, ivory grip with three acorns, leather scabbard in good condition, green and silver knot. Rare piece.


4-Forestry Dagger- Hunting dagger, early piece by W.K.C marked, double engraved blade, 15 inch long, brass fittings, stag grip with three acorns, skinning knife has a double engraved blade with stag grip, leather hanger frog, gold and green knot, superb quality.


3-Forestry Dagger- Hunting dagger by Carl Eickhorn, double engraved blade, 15 inch long blade, heavy bronze, gilded fittings, “Ges Gesch” under the cross gaurd. This dagger is number 429 in the acorn catalogue, black leather scabbard, thick stag grip, with three acorns and oak leaves. Exceptionally nice details and condition.


2-Forestry Dagger- Hunting dagger by Clemen and Jung, the blade is marked with the letter Z which is an early blade for this maker. Heavy bronze gilded fittings. Thick stag grip with three acorns with oak leaves, perfect leather scabbard, this knife is for a KING! Exceptional quality and condition.