Field gear

Compass- military compass, bakelite type, works fine, and maker marked.


Compass- military compass, bakelite type, works fine, and maker marked.


Compass- with leather pouch, maker marked, early, and works fine.


German Army Wartime Rope- with depot tag, used by any combat troops, and fits well on the combat backpack.


Parachute Opener- silk, with ropes, and stamped.


Matches- in waterproof container, bakelite, maker marked, complete. Used by combat enginer and combat troops.


First Aid Kit Leather Pouch- war time, for small wounds, good condition.


Luftwaffe Computer and Leather Case- maker marked inside, case in good condition, computer shows light age, and is rare.


Shoe Mine- made of wood, this is late war, the dangerous parts have been removed, hard to find.


Pair of Military Glasses- in their original military case, appear to have never been used. Sold as pair.


Gas Mask Carthridge- mint condition, with cardboard protection, screw cap, well marked, 1940 dated.


Wrist Compass Luftwaffe- with leather strap, not damaged, works fine, well marked underneath, with serial number.


Fuse Box Bakelite- for artillery shell, well marked every where, not cracked or damaged.


Flare Gun Bakelite Waterproof Box- with paper, 1941 dated, well marked, and not damaged.


German Goggles- with metal case, green paint, lens are green and not damaged. With original wrapping paper.


Artillery Shell Case, divided for three rounds, very nice condition not damaged, and hard to find.

$ 129

Red Cross Wood Box, what a great display it will do in your collection, in very nice condition.

$ 226

K43 Amunition Pouch, maker marked 1944 ROS, great condition, and brown leather.

$ 225