Reich Chancellery Silverware heavy spoon 1934-1938 925 Silver Marked great condition eagle with swastika. - $950

Reich Chancellery Silverware heavy fork 1934-1938 925 Silver marked great condition eagle with swastika. - $950



Silver Shot Glass with presentation box. Sterling Marked under each. Enamel shield on each of them. German made for US soldiers during the occupation.  

$ 165

Beautiful Pewter Beer Stein with Bayern front shield. This Stein has never been cleaned World War 1.

$ 310

Hitler Youth Medium Size Poster.

$ 350

Luftschutz Metal First Aid Box, usually found in bunkers, it ismeasured 15x18. It has handles for carrying or it can be wall mounted, full of medical supply inside, maker marked with red cross logo paper. 

$ 375

Cuff Titles very nice condition, each of them is $ 91.

$ 91 EACH

RAD Sleeve Insignia. In mint condition and is BEVO type.

$ 31

NSKK Sports Shirt Eagle. This item is hard to find and it has a RZM tag in the back, also is untrimmed.

$ 185

Kriegsmarine Sports Shirt Eagle. Blue eagle and is untrimmed.

$ 42

Sports Shirt Police Eagle. This is very hard to find and is untrimmed.

$ 116

NSDAP Sports Shirt Eagle. It's untrimmed, very nice condition, and is rare.

$ 68

RAD Sports Shirt Insignia. Untrimmed and in very nice condition.

$ 69

Army Eagle Sports Shirt. Near mint condition and untrimmed.