D104-Army Administration Officer Visor Cap- All embroidered silver insignias, cap shows some age owner name painted on the sweat band, unit marked.


D100- Army Administration Visor Cap- This cap shows some age on the body, maker marked in the sweatband, green piping, unite marked in the sweat band also, 7/G.J.R.98     3.KP.1 


D103- Customs Enlisted Visor Cap- by Schellenberg in Berlin. The sweat band shows some age wear, body of the cap in great condition.


D123- Luftwaffe Officer Visor Cap, private purchase, silver embroidered, insignias, Sweat band shows light age, very nice body not damaged, rare hat.


D126-  SA Kepi Coffee Can Hat, black/white piping on the top. Light green district group color. Pommern, near mint. Nicest I have ever seen.


D125- SS Panzer Visor Cap enlisted visor cap by Schellenberg. Mint and extremely rare. Pink piping. 


D127- SS Pioneer Visor Cap, black piping, untouched and in pristine condition. Deutsches Reichpatent marked inside. Regular issue type. Very scare...


D128- SS Alter Visor Cap, green wool, black ban with the wool covered Schrim. White piping and shows light wear. Veteran brought back. Nicest I have ever seen...   


D-10. Army Pioneer NCO Visor Cap, maker marked by Toufol Sohn, dated 1938 in the sweat band, also owners name with unit number, black piping, and nice condition.

$ 485

C-40. SS Allgemeine NCO Visor Cap, this hat is very rare, SS tag inside the sweat band, maker marked inside the liner Otto Doss, this hat is in super condition, also has a SS mark on the visor.

$ 2850

D-18. Rail Road DAF Leader Visor Cap, visor cap in mint condition, maker marked Deutches Leder / Albert Kempf, gold and blue chin strap.

$ 485

D-16. Werkschutz Leader Visor Cap in average condition, shows light wear, and is rare.

$ 445

Veteran visor cap in mint condition. Bicolor chin strap . Hat in mint condition.

$ 375

Luftwaffe visor cap red piping for flak units. Well marked and dated inside.

$ 465

Luftwaffe Luftministry Guard Building Visor Cap and in near mint condition.

$ 985