Daggers knifes

Army Officer Dagger with white grip, mint condition, with knot and deluxe hanger. Comes in storage bag this dagger is in pristine condition as it was hiding in the storage bag for all those years. Rare piece.


Army Officer Dagger by W.M.W dark orange grip nice silver finish rare maker, very nice overall.


Army Officer Dagger by Tiger dark orange grip nice finish, blade shows some age, comes with deluxe hangers.


Army officer Dagger by W.K.C. in Solingen dark orange grip silver knot and hanger, hanger has on little repair, but not bad. Superb blade in mint condition, nice patina. 


Army officer dagger by W.K.C. in Solingen comes with silver knot superb dark grey silver patina finish. 


Officer dagger with owner name on the cross guard. Blade by Eickhorn. Beautiful dark-orange grip. Comes with hangers. Heavy quality dagger showing little age. 


Officer dagger by P.D. Luneschoss. Orange grip with a little damage in the back (not blade) Comes with knot and deluxe hangers. Shows light age.


Officer dagger by Rich. Plumacher Sohn Orange grip, nice silver fittings.


Officer dagger by W.K.C. orange grip, gray fittings. Mint blade. 


Officer dagger, dark orange grip. Superb fittings, pristine blade, no maker. 


Officer dagger with wonderful blade by W.M.W- Waffen. Dark orange grip, nice bright. 


Officer dagger with orange grip, knot and deluxe hangers. Blade is spotless, dark silver finish.