Army Officer Dagger- by Robbert Klaas, orange grip, dark silver finish, blade is in great condition.


Army Officer Dagger- by W.K.C. in Solingen, nice dark orange grip and the blade is in great condition. Dark silver finish never cleaned and the scabbard is in perfect condition.


Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Officer Dagger- by WKC, this dagger is complete with the knot and deluxe hangers with oak leaves.


Kriegsmarine Officer Dagger- with rare hammered scabbard, white grip, blade in superb condition, unmarked and plain, very small air line crack on the grip due to the wood underneath.


SA Dagger- in mint condition, unmarked blade, wood grip is perfect, 100% paint on the scabbard, rare.


SA Dagger- by Chromolit, early dagger, with anodized scabbard, leather hanger, maker marked and DRGM. Nice wood grip, S marked on the cross guard, nice condition.


SA Dagger- by Anton Wiegen, RZM M7/51, UNIT MARKED ON THE BLADE, very rare, leather hanger, wood grip, nice paint of the scabbard.


SA Dagger- by Anton Wingen, 1939 dated, RZM  M7 / 51. Leather hanger RZM M5 / 8, wood grip not damaged, this dagger needs some cleaning or can be displayed as is.


SA Dagger- early dagger, by Julius Bodenstein, anodized scabbard, leather hanger, maker marked, and DRGM, wood grip not damaged at all. FR marked on the cross guard, dagger in very good condition.


SA Dagger- by Asso Solingen, anodized scabbard, wood grip in good condition, NS marked on the cross guard, nice early dagger, rare maker.


SA Dagger- Early SA Dagger by Carl Eickhorn, anodized scabbard, wood grip not damaged, brown leather hanger, RZM M5/8, shows normal age. 


SA Dagger- Early SA Dagger by CURDTS NACHF, very rare maker, anodized scabbard with leather hanger, wood grip not damaged, on the cross guard NRH marked, rare early dagger.


SA Special Dagger With Oak Leaf Fittings- Extremely rare SA dagger with oak leaves and leather scabbard. Blade by AUG.MERTEN WW. Leather shows light age but very nice,blade in superb condition, wood grip not damaged. Rarely found in big collections.


SS Dagger- With vertical black leather hanger, maker marked, the blade is marked SS 188/35 RZM, very early SS dagger, hard to find in this superb condition. Black paint on the scabbard 98% paint.


Luftwaffe Officer 2nd Pattern Dagger- by F.W. Holler, comes with silver knot, white grip, gold on the swastika, blade in very good condition.


Luftwaffe Officer 2nd Pattern Dagger- near mint condition, no markings on the blade, white grip, overall nice dagger, comes with silver knot.


Luftwaffe 1st Pattern Early Officer Dagger- by Carl Julius Krebs, chain are marked by OLC, leather in good condition, silver fittings never cleaned, blade super.


DLV Officer Dagger 1st Pattern- by David Malsch, with chain, the back of the fittings scabbard are different then the regular Luftwaffe officer dagger, many collectors have the short DLV dagger, but not the long one. Leather in very nice condition.


RLB NCO/Enlisted 2nd Pattern Dagger- W.K.C. maker marked, this dagger is in mint condition, leather hanger, and leather belt loop.


NSKK Chained Dagger- by Carl Eickhorn, also has the RZM ricasso M7/66, 95% paint on the scabbard, chain never been repaired, marked MUSTERSCHUTZ NSKK KORPSTUHRUNG.


NCO/Enlsited RAD Wood Hewer- exactly the same size as a metal one, this hewer is made of wood, wartime.


NCO/Enlisted RAD Hewer- by Ed.Wusthof, stag grip, hewer in near mint condition, 98% paint on the scabbard, super hewer.


RAD Leader Dagger- by Carl Eickhorn, white grip not damaged, blade in nice condition, scabbard is dent free with all the original finish.


RAD Leader Dagger- by Alcoso, blade in mint condition, and so is the dagger, white grip is chipped in the back, very nice overall.


SS Dagger- With unmarked blade as it should, chain are marked also, never been broken or repaired, black wood grip, cross guard is marked SA for the Sachsen group. Rare dagger.


Teno Leader Dagger- Near mint condition, very rare dagger, orange grip, super hard to find.


Army Officer Dagger with white grip, mint condition, with knot and deluxe hanger. Comes in storage bag this dagger is in pristine condition as it was hiding in the storage bag for all those years. No maker marking. Rare piece


Army Officer Dagger by W.M.W dark orange grip nice silver finish rare maker, very nice overall.


Army Officer Dagger by Tiger dark orange grip nice finish, blade shows some age, comes with deluxe hangers, and silver knot.


Army officer Dagger by W.K.C. in Solingen dark orange grip silver knot and hanger, hanger has on little repair, but not bad. Superb blade in mint condition, nice patina. 


Army officer dagger by W.K.C. in Solingen comes with silver knot superb dark grey silver patina finish. 


Officer dagger with owner name on the cross guard. Blade by Eickhorn. Beautiful dark-orange grip. Comes with hangers. Heavy quality dagger showing little age. 


Officer dagger by P.D. Luneschoss. Orange grip with a little damage in the back (not blade) Comes with knot and deluxe hangers. Shows light age.


Army Officer Dagger- by Plumacher. Rare maker . Dagger in good condition, with bright plater scabbard. ORANGE GRIP NOT DAMMAGED.


Army Officer dagger by W.K.C. orange grip, gray fittings, late war dagger. Mint blade.


Officer dagger, dark orange grip. Superb fittings, pristine blade, no maker. 


Officer dagger with orange grip, knot and deluxe hangers. Blade is spotless, dark silver finish.